daft :p

u leave me then u want me back.damn.heartless boy.you promise me you love me forever,but u just leave me that way with your `fucking words'.i know we far away,but please dont judge me by my words.i am a freaky girl.u know that,right?u tell me that u know my `actuaal attitude' but why u blame me all the time? i can't stand like this anymore.i get my pecefull when i'm not contacting u.but,i have to admit that i miss u.but, i can forget it and i have done it once.then,u come back to my life after whud u have done to me.u said that i'm  the useless girlfriend that u ever have.huh!do i care?u never treat me like a girlfriend either.so?why must i do that.simple.i'm a crazy + freaky girl.maybe u can't expect whud is my next action.ya...i miss u.i mean that.but u make me me terrible and terrified.i hate u.go to hell la.i don't need u anymore.ever and ever and ever and ever and just forever.i really really mean that.hopely.

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