dear you,

omg.i was admiring you.exactly.Smiley aku nk sgt chat dengan kau.and that's why,bile kau chat dengan aku,i'll sve the chatbox.kenangan la kononnye.i be verythe huh.i can't say that word.i become like this Smiley when i see you. siriusly.gile kan?act,i've made something for you.but,i never expect yg you will do that.ouhhhh. i fall in love meyh huh.if i could get you,i'll try to loving you more than ever la.waahhh.jiwang gile aku ni.aku tk tau la knape jadik mcm ni.haish. wondering ni. i don't know your motif.why you have to enter my life?iwanna be your can i? can can lah!! hahah.btw, i'll find the clue how to get in to your heartEmoticon today, u start texting me with word syg.arghh.dh lme tak dgr word bad i miss that word.then,u said that i'm hearts become this how this day for cheer me up. bile you nk texting me back?i'm waiting's your life?i was thinking.who am i in your life can you answer me? 

terima kasih kerana sudi meluangkan masa untuk membaca :]

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